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Readers say about the success of the erotic novel ’50 Shades of Grey PDF ‘

He has sold over 40 million copies, has broken taboos and most of the readers reveal that it has encouraged explore that scene ‘bondage’ of bondage and submission after reading. ’50 Shades of Grey ebook ‘ has been razed and has f become a social enómeno . Therefore, not only the libraries, but also the ‘sex shops’ applaud its author, British Erika Leonard, better known as EL James. The readers (and some readers) to have varying opinions NEWSPAPER: for and against, some funny and others surprising. And that Christian Grey awakens passions …. for and against.

Females, DIVIDED

Among the readers of fifty shades of gray, opinions are polarized. Or they have been caught from the first pages or otherwise, can not be explained to fuss. Some reviews are brief and concise, others as large as devastating. Here are some examples:

“It’s one of the worst written novels I’ve read in my life. The characterization of the characters has no plot logic and history is very vague. I think the success it is mainly because it portrays, very crudely ., the fantasy of most women in our society I do not mean sexual or erotic fantasies, which certainly move away from the ordinary, but the fantasy of an ideal man: an elusive, seductive, alluring and attractive male, handled the situation perfectly but changing love. The women, both middle-aged and adolescent feel identified with, shy, insecure but whose charm (still do not understand what it is) goofy protagonist manages to transform distant and impenetrable to man . Surely something had to become a mass phenomenon but personally consider literary trash. And if the erotic scenes are what has made ​​millions of females mad, I recommend reading gems like `Lolita ”. ( Elisabet Juan Roca / Badalona)

“I read the whole trilogy and the truth is that I liked. The secret of their success? Speak without taboos of a sexual practice unknown to most, the explosive mixture of wild sex and tenderness, and above all a happy ending . Do not think it porn for moms, it’s just something I was not used to write or to read. ” ( Mª José González Trillo / Vic)

“One minute you hooked, you can not stop reading. I’m coming for second … I loved Fifty shades of grey PDF book” (María Cano / Sant Vicenç dels Horts)

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“It’s a bad novel. In the form is predictable, boring and poorly structured. In the background is sexist, prudish, silly, is the wannabe mode to be posh. I got bored as an oyster.” ( Married Angela Gutierrez / Barcelona)

“The first book is worthless, but it is undoubtedly the best marketing operation I have ever seen”. (Mª Carmen Mendez / Terrassa)

“It’s simply a dildo prudish early twenty-first century.” (Ruth E. / Barcelona)


“In my opinion, this book seriously damage the existing marriages.” (Alberto Lozano / Barcelona)

“I think the novel is very repetitive in terms of dialogue and situations. With half the pages would have been enough. O is a sex novel or a novel that wants to denounce oppression masochistic some women, but the protagonist silly else tonta– will save all the rules he wants to impose a contract and will humanizing up that gives free reign and then exits the beast that carries hidden. As a reader, not as man, give it a score of 6 October. ” (Carlos Gil / Barcelona)

‘Fifty shades of grey pdf free ‘or the triumph of mediocrity. I started reading the first book and had to leave for lack of interest. I do not understand how you can elevate fifty shades of grey pdf free download `best-seller¿ a work of such poor literary quality. To read something so mediocre would have to go back to Marcial Lafuente. What purports to be a deepening in the unconscious of man is nothing but a common set of misspelled topics and, as one would expect, select starring young people who do not arouse the slightest interest. The work illustrates the mediocrity of modern society, capable of bringing telebasura also to literature. ”